The dynamic digital landscape is posing many challenges to the stakeholders. One of them is holding the attention of the visitors to the website. The website’s design and maneuverability contribute immensely to overcome this challenge. These two qualities of a website are timeless in this ever-changing space.  


Websites are one-stop destinations for users to understand the services and products the company offers. It needs to be interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate. Companies follow many visual tricks to hold the attention of the user. Of the very many design tricks, there are some web design trends of 2022 that are making a lot of noise. 


Here are a few of those web layout trends. 


1.Dark UIs: The dark color theme of the web layout is one of the popular design trends of 2022. It is easy on the eyes and looks sophisticated at the same time. With the number of color options available, designing a corporate web page and keeping up with the trends is very challenging. Hence, a design with a single-color option kickstarts the creative process and also has an aesthetic appearance.  


2.Mega Menus: This web design layout is an ideal option for websites with more pages like e-commerce sites. This website design trend makes the comprehensive menu box easy to read and navigate. It is user-friendly and improves the overall visual experience.  


3.Voice Assistants: According to surveys conducted by Google, 27% of the users use voice search and this number would continue to grow. This underlines the importance of having a voice assistant on a webpage. Though this is a design trend of 2022 for a landing page, it is an essential feature for the years to come. It makes browsing and navigation easier.  


4.Chatbot: This is one of the common ways users are communicating with companies. It is easy as it provides instant response. This way the companies can understand their potential customers and make changes to their services and products accordingly. It is an efficient query management system. This keeps a track of the grievances and needs of the customers.  


5.Split Screen and Bold Text: The typography on the website needs to be unusual and attention-grabbing. The split screen design of the page is gaining more attention as the imagery and text are clearly visible and improves the visual experience. The split on the page with text on one side and graphic on the other draws the attention of the user and makes it reads to read.  


These are some of the basic web layout trends that are thriving in the digital world. The key to designing the best landing page or website is to find the right mix of these trends that suit the organization’s functionality.  


We at Entitledarts study the trends regularly and come up with designs. We try to bring together the trending patterns and the company aesthetics in the best way possible. Hence, we wish to design websites that cater to the needs of the company and enhance customer engagement.  


Ever since Netflix was launched, we have been watching series, movies, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and whatnot on this OTT platform. But did you know, that we can even collect NFTs while watching a series, recently in a new series launched on Netflix a series named Love, Death + Robots an anthological animation series you can collect NFTs inside the show?   

While watching the series if you spot an NFT you simply just collect it.  

This has kept people wondering what if this OTT platform has more than just series, movies and all to offer or what is it hiding in its shows. The famous Stranger Things Series 4 is also one of those sci-fi series which could also possess some NFTs lurking around.  

Not that we have got a hold of any, but we do know that the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens has given a rise in the way people look at art rather than just a piece of digital paintings or an artist’s imagination. It has added volume to its demand which the tech needed.  

It can be said that ‘The show Love, Death + Robots’ is the best show for Netflix to experiment with NFTs and grow more audience after the abrupt fall in its stock market. This may be a chance for Netflix to grow big, with the help of NFTs.  

The Love, Death + Robots was the most hyped sci-fi series even before it was launched. This series has animation and mixed media shorts that experiment with how we would watch the TV, while promoting experiment animation and VFX.  

There is a hidden collectible NFTs inside each episode, which can be accessed by scanning QR codes, which will directly open in your OpenSea account. Though all the NFTs that you collect are free you still need to pay the gas fees and need to have a Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask Wallet where it gives you complete control of your crypto.  

In total, there are 9 QR codes hidden in the series of ‘Love, Death + Robots ‘episodes and on its social media & according to the show’s website, the scavenger hunt was created in partnership with Web3 studio Feature and the 9 piece of QR-coded artwork is in various mediums, including the billboard, videos on social media and the episodes of series itself.  

Although, only the US viewers are said to be able to access the NFTs, and the cost of one of these Non-Fungible Tokens is $6 / £4, or around 0.003 ETH. Till date there has been $36,000 in trading volume and around 27,000 NFT owners have taken up the challenge to hunt each one down. 

In today’s world, almost everyone who is into investment and independent business knows about crypto. And from crypto comes NFT art. If you have heard about NFTs but don’t know what it is. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are basically digital assets or cryptographic assets possessing a unique identification code and metadata which differentiates them from normal fungible tokens.  


How does NFT’s work?  

Non-Fungible tokens basically means owning a digital asset which is unique and cannot be replaced. These NTFs are a part of Ethereum blockchain and keep track of who’s holding and trading NFT’s.  

By the time you read this blog thousands of NFT’s are being traded, among them some are bringing in millions of dollars. 

People like to collect Art and NFT is the most popular form of Art which gets sold in millions.

The top 5 NFT works to be sold at a very high rate are:

  1. The Merge ($ 91.8 Million)  

The MERGE was created by one of the famous digital and NFT artists Pak. He has created some of the most iconic artworks. He has built a massive presence in the world of NFT even though his identity still remains a big mystery.  

Although he does not expose his identity, his art works are known by all.  

Among all the digital assets created, The Merge is the most creative asset. It’s not a static piece of art, but a collection of ‘’masses” people could buy. The more people spend, the larger their ‘masses’ become.  


  1. The First 5000 Days ($ 69 Million) 

5000 Days is an artwork made by Beeple which was sold in a first ever digital art auction, at the Christie’s auction house.  

Beeple has been making artwork every day since 2007, and not a single day was missed.  

All these artworks, together named as ‘Everyday,’ vary in style, medium, content and rely basically more on dystopian or satirical settings.  

As per some Artnet,  Beeple is the “third most expensive living artist” following the prints of Jeff Koons and David Hockney.  


  1. Clock (52.84 Million) 

Clock was created to assist the controversial WikiLeaks founder’s legal fees by digital artists Pak and Julian Assange.  

Julian has been imprisoned for several years in the UK, and his situation is vigorously debated among the people who are concerned with privacy and censorship both online & offline.  

Clock was dropped in February 2022, and is a simple counter which displays the number of Days Assange has spent imprisoned.  


  1. Human One ($ 28.9 Million) 

Human One is another NFT from Beeple, though it’s not the most expensive creation from the artist’s side, but it surely is their most unique artwork.  

In contrast with most of the NFTs which are purely digital artwork, Human One is a hybrid art that combines physical elements as-well.  

It is a human-sized sculpture made of polished aluminum, mahogany wood, and four video screens creating a combined resolution of 16k.  


  1. CryptoPunk #7523 ($11.7 Million) 


CryptoPunk is a digital avatar made in such a way that it looks like it’s a picture which gets pixelated, when zoomed too much.  

This particular avatar was bought at a whopping price of nearly $12 Million.  

It was purchased by DraftKing’s shareholder Shalom Meckenzie.  

CryptoPunk #7523 is a part of the Alien series. The NFT has a display of a boy wearing a red beanie, a gold earring and a face mask with a very rare Alienskin. 

No wonder it is one of the most unique, iconic and expensive artworks in the digital avatar field. 

You never know what pure Diamond is unless you try it out, as for anything that’s rare, unique and one of its kind always has its value which can skyrocket anytime and anywhere. NFTs is a place where artists are appreciated for their art work which is not only beautiful but alway a very valuable asset that can make you a millionaire anytime. 

Looking for a blog post to understand the difference between a graphic designer and a logo designer? If so, this article will be useful for you. 

People who run businesses believe that a brand is defined by logos, headlines, and business cards. But it is a complete myth. To run the company, you have to understand the distinction between graphic design and logo. It is the first step toward developing a distinctive, strong, and active brand.

Who is a graphic designer?  


Graphic designers handle all visual solutions for the brand creation process. They are the defenders of your visual brand, ensuring that whatever is released visually remains consistent across all platforms. Anything done by skilled graphic designers for your business is term a graphic design.  

A graphic designer who can translate ideas into something palpable and tangible makes the most significant contribution to visual design branding. However, they should also be involved throughout the entire process. 


Who is a logo designer?  


A logo is a visual mark that quickly identifies a business, a commercial product, or any other private and public organization. It is one of the methods to set a company out in a crowded environment full of graphic elements vying for our attention while every ad plays. A logo includes graphics, colors, symbols, and typographies. It is a graphical element that is a part of a company’s visual identity.   


What is the job of graphic designer and logo designer? 


Graphic designer  

A graphic designer may produce an outcome by combing typography, pictures, and space. A graphic designer is responsible for creating visual and communication products such as banners, posters, letterheads, and business cards. Its sphere of activity is so broad that component graphic designers should also have theoretical design abilities and be incredibly creative and versatile. 

Skilled graphic designers must have a good knowledge of various design solutions and have a creative mindset.  


Logo designer  

A logo designer’s job is pretty simple than the graphic designer. A logo designer generates a design product, but the most critical component is logo serves numerous functions. Additionally, it implies that the logo designers must have theoretical knowledge of their respective designs. It is also true that the logo seems to be tiny, but the design must have a good top look and attract the audience.  

Its worth is inversely proportional to its physical size; the importance of a logo designer cannot be overstated.  


What is common between graphic designers and logo designers?  


A typical person has no idea how extensive the design field is, and graphic or logo designer conjures up images of design specialists in their thoughts. They are somewhat correct, but it is merely a surface level of thinking. Design is a vast subject, and there is no such thing as a pure designer anymore since no one has the intellectual capacity to be an expert in all design domains. 


Graphic designers are skilled in creating logos so that they may make them. It’s a superficial appraisal. Even though a logo is merely a graphic design, it has substantial marketing and commercial value. It’s impossible to create a successful logo if the graphic designer doesn’t understand marketing principles. 


The logo and graphic designers’ field are tricky because the company brand is entirely dependent on them. Some people have masters in graphic and logo designing, but only a few are eligible. It is easy to relate this fact with the ability of all graphic designers to generate good logos and all logo crafters to create fantastic visual design products in this context.  



A graphic designer differs from a logo designer, yet they have many similar characteristics. Therefore, it’s understandable that some people don’t distinguish between them. On the other hand, as bloggers and designers, our responsibility is to educate the audience. I hope you will enjoy our efforts, and it would be fantastic if you could share your comments with us. 


Are you also looking for the opportunity of making money while playing the NFT games? If yes! Then you are landed in the right place. Today, this article will bring the top five NFT Games’ pinnacle for legit money.  

Within NFT gaming, a play-to-earn gaming model is also highly sought after. Here, game enthusiasts could make passive earnings with the aid of gambling for cash. 

The recognition of NFT video games is because of the minimum preliminary funding and the next legitimate return.  

Many NFT video games to make cash allow others to earn praise from different players. There are many different genres of fun games in this category, including action, method, casual, and others. 

However, if you have ever desired to make money, right here in the region, the pinnacle five top-five NFT Games for earning money are all mentioned in this article. Here are the top 5 NFT games that can help you make extra money; read below!  


The list of top 5 NFT games  



1.Forest knight  

It is a game that relies on strategy and leads you into a fantasy world. You can play this game with the help of token standard as it is entirely based on full-fledged sport and help your economic system.   

This game can discover exciting things and put you in a massive place with numerous places and creatures. Your purpose is to develop through the levels, crash enemies, and benefit as many revels as possible.  

However, you will have the proficiency to participate in PvPs with an actual companion once you acquire the 6th level. As praise for finishing every assignment, you may obtain NFT and valuable things. 


2.Axie Infinity 

It is the one most popular and motivating game, and within a brief period, this game has grown in vogue in the NFT world. Besides Axie Infinity, there’s also a game developed using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology.   

Additionally, the game has such charming, minor, and fluffy traits called access, and those adorable animals can vary in many ways, such as strength, jeans, and more. 

The Axie Infinity debuted in 2018 since it’s gained much more popularity than other games. You can earn more money with the use of cryptocurrencies.  


3.Bitcoin food fight 

As you know, the game title says it all, so if you want to play this game, you must face a variety of creatures or enemies while playing. You will face three significant enemies such as dwarfs, humans, and elves. 

As an individual player, you must play carefully when you are going to pick opponents and be familiar with the gameplayer style of each other. The first thing the players must do with cryptocurrencies is to win the race. You will withdraw money rewards after each victory.  

About 40 distinct talents in the game result in over 50,000 different combinations. The players of special tournaments can utilize various strategies in conquering the game. 


4.Delta time  

Delta time is another popular NFT game for earning money. If you are also one of them who is a die-hard fan of formula one game, then this game is only for you. 

It is a fantastic design, particularly for formula one enthusiasts. Unlike athletes, we have plenty of time to take advantage of it. One of the game’s most intriguing features is that it allows players to compete in Grand Prix mode, akin to a standard Blockchain-based game.  

This game has an ERC 20 shock that can be used as REVV in-game currency. They gave the fascinating nickname to the money.  


5.League of Kingdom  

The rules are straightforward: you own and control a section of the game’s map. Consequently, you have total control over what occurs next: you may expand the economy, divide alliances, start a war, or do whatever else. 

The most crucial thing is to pick a plan you’ll stick to. The game’s materials are limited, so make sure you replenish all of your stockpiles as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, time, distance, and other real-life considerations will impact your techniques. You may also ask your friends to join you in the game and make allies with them. 


NFT is new in the digital world, and undoubtedly, people have a next-level craze with NFT. If you are also one of them who just learned about the NFT space and did not have any idea to buy one or what to glimpse at? What can you do in a particular project that looks better than others? Who is the right person to follow? There are blunders of questions that arise in your mind when you make up your mind to start the NFT project. In this blog post, we will help you around and describe every tiny detail related to the NFT project.   


What is an NFT? 


Before we take the first step closer, you must have basic knowledge of it; NFT stands for the non-fungible token, which means that these works of art are created by non-interchangeable data units recorded on a digital ledger. To verify the ownership, they use blockchain technology. NFTs, like traditional works of art, are collectable digital assets with real-world value.

You all must conduct your research, just like any other investing strategy. We are not experts in the NFT arena, so please don’t consider what we say here as gospel. 


Brands should align with your interests.  


One of the keys to NFT investing is to put your money into a project that interests you rather than speculating on the stock market. Because NFTs have inherent worth, they can appreciate or depreciate at any time based on market conditions. You might be interested in learning more about the NFT project’s underlying technology, smart contract, or success story.  

A project that piques your interest will remain significant to you for years to come, even if its value diminishes. Consider a collection that provides you entry to an NFT club on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s a work you’ll be happy to display in the future on virtual platforms. 

NFTs and multiverses are on fire. Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks have pioneered a brand-new digital market of crypto knickknacks. The NFT sales have surpassed USD 19 BILLION, ACCORDING TO CoinMarketCap. Direct sales accounted for 57% of these totals. The idea is to buy it initially and make a tidy profit from NFT. We knew not all NFTs would thrive. We are in high gear, and some may not accomplish it.  

Below, we will describe the best five NFT projects that will help you in the future. Read below:


Without a doubt, Twitter is the king and the home of NFTs. It is one of the finest sites to learn about forthcoming projects, explore its networks, and stay current on specific projects. It’s straightforward to find projects on Twitter, and it’s also a great way to promote your own NFTs and collectors. 

Simply utilizing the hashtags #NFT, #nftart or #NFTCommunity can lead you down the NFT Twitter rabbit hole, where another NFT network is super active. 



Discord is an ideal location to locate NFT projects. NFT initiatives, groups, or influencers each have their Discord server. There are primarily private, invite-only places with Discord’s text/voice/video chat service. This emphasis on groups with shared interests distinguishes them from other platforms. 

Every time we hear from others, data is king. Using data to uncover the next hidden gem is also a terrific approach method. Nansen is an Ethereum analytics tool that integrates on-chain data with a vast and ever-expanding database of millions of wallet labels. Jacob Van wrote an excellent blog entry about using Nansen to its full potential, detailing how Mevcollector transformed 11ETH into 862ETH in little under 33 days. 



RyzeNFT is an official Chrome extension built by the Ryzensolutions team to make your life simpler in the NFT arena. Although this “add-on” is on the pricey side, you will receive a lot of bang for your bucks. Why? This add-on offers features like a rarity analyzer, drop finder, auto click, tokens finder, etc. 


What are the essential steps I need to look for 

If you have decided to invest money in the NFT, you must spend more time learning. It takes some time to identify substantial projects in the NFT area, but if you are ready to put some extra into it, there is a greater chance of finding suitable projects skyrocketing.  


To make your doubt clear, you have to go depth of NFT projects and have to deeply search the below-mentioned points,



NFTs are unquestionably here to stay. As more businesses enter the fray, a slew of new ventures emerges. NFTs are being adopted by social media platforms, influencers, and even big-name companies like Budweiser. 



The power of blogging is not limited to a business with today’s internet consumer behavior; a business blog is necessary to maintain an online presence, outperform competitors, and gain customers. As a result of their benefits for businesses and the role their  

Here is how you can get the benefit in your business with the help of blogging.


Some businesses provide the same products and services, so it’s imperative to highlight your company’s individuality. Blogging demonstrates your business’ personality, knowledge, and experience, which helps you compete against larger companies and competitors. Your business needs blogging over time because only with blogging can you interact with your actual readers’ customers. With the help of blogging, you will give competition to your competitors with your creativity.  


 A good business website indeed provides information one way, making it worthwhile to current and potential customers. In contrast, business blogs provide opportunities for two-way, two-way communication with your audience. Developing relationships with customers and not just making a presence among them is critical for any business.  



Search engine optimization is essential for promoting your business and growing in different areas when blogging. The search engine optimization process consists of various activities over the long run.  

You will not reach the first page of Google overnight, but you will notice a significant improvement in your search engine rankings over time. When you create and use relevant keywords and meet the needs of your consumers, search engines will reward you.


Keeping up with developments in your business, field, or industry is a challenge. Maintaining industry knowledge, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and practicing your communication skills are essential.  

It is beneficial for your business because the more knowledgeable you are, the more you communicate, and the more trust you earn. Once you gain confidence, viewers become customers, and current customers become loyal to you. 



Your knowledge of it largely influences your ability to serve and appeal to your target audience. You can determine which content is most interesting to your target audience and how to increase engagement with them by analyzing analytics (such as those provided by Google Analytics). After that, you can have feedback from readers and postings linked to your blog articles on social media. 

Furthermore, online customer reviews, one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses, aren’t isolated to review sites. Another reason your company has a blog is because your customers can provide valuable feedback directly through your blog.



Although it may be nice to hear that blogging contributes to building brand awareness and demonstrating expertise for your business, there are no tangible results to support the statement. In several studies and surveys, bloggers have proven beneficial for small businesses. 


Statistical evidence indicates that: 

  1. Blogs provide your business with custom content that warms up prospective customers. 
  2. The number of leads generated by businesses that blog than those that do not blog for their business 
  3. Your company can benefit from blogging just as advertising to promote your products. 
  4. Information about buyers is available through blogging. 


Small businesses can benefit from microblogging. There is no rule for one blog post equals one social media post. It is possible to repurpose information into multiple social media posts in a single post. Consider combining statistics from various positions, extracting quotes that make a strong point, or capturing an interesting fact. 



Today, most blogging platforms offer layouts that feature an optimal design for necessary actions for businesses. Your blog’s home page, for example, may display a header or sidebar where you can link to a free book or schedule a free consultation. As a result, a blog can benefit your business by increasing your opportunities to generate leads and present your offers. 



That’s it at the end of the day. We only want to emphasize that blogging is essential for any business because people nowadays prefer to buy digital products over offline ones in the digital age. There are many advantages to blogging for your business, and it is not as difficult as it might appear. Your business needs a blog if you hope to distinguish yourself from the competition and capture your target audience’s attention! 

There is stiff competition online where e-commerce brands are trying their best to sell their products. It is pretty difficult to sell your product to the targeted audience in the age of increasing online business. Whether email marketing, ads to sales decks or cold calling, everything leads to a single result of generating more online sales. However, no matter what strategies are implemented, there are chances of losing online sales.  

Whether the size of your business is big or small, your only goal is to increase online sales and lead your way to success. 

However, in eCommerce, increasing online sales is a complicated task because there are so many different online sales strategies to implement, of which very few work. 

We’ve put together some tried-and-tested methods for leveraging online sales. Evaluating all the tips is a must here. You need to figure out how this can fit in your online marketing plan & strategy. Not every technique is appropriate for every product, as some are more geared toward social media. 


5 Ways to increase online sales 


1) PPC to Grow Leads and Sales  

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns provide an effective and straightforward way to reach your target audience, further increasing online sales. According to a recent Search Engine Land report, 75% of online shoppers are able to find about products and services through paid ads in SERPs; also, on different pages of social media. PPC has presented positive sales and leads, and brands that invest in PPC see a better return. 

Paid social media campaigns can be included in PPC plans to keep your products and services in front of customers’ minds even when they aren’t actively looking for them. Customers who added something to their cart without going ahead with their transaction can be reminded through social remarketing methods.

2) SMO (Social Media Marketing) 

Your presence needs to be showcased to create a lasting impression on your target audience. Many individuals utilize social media to contact brands because some platforms are easily accessible and quickly know more about the brand or product. 

On the other hand, customers may send you a message if they are displeased with your product or service. In this instance, you must act swiftly and do your best to remedy the issue or have a marketing manager do it. This way, you can entrust their confidence upon you. Customers like to use products of brands that listen to their queries.

3) Reviews and Testimonials 

Since you can’t see a product or service operating over the internet, it isn’t easy to judge its true quality. As a result, most customers rely on reviews and testimonials from real individuals to help them make an informed purchase. Display your best or highest-rated reviews, and create a page on your website to showcase other client testimonials and case studies. 

Dig into your competitors’ reviews and examine the presentation of their review. If you find that you have way less reviews than your competitor, you need to work on increasing your amount. When it comes to consumer products, the number of reviews you have might directly impact your conversion rate. 


4) Freebies Leverage Sales Growth 

Giving customers a free sample or trial of your product is a wonderful way to drive online sales. Product samples always played positively in persuading customers to buy more. Moreover, it is a great way to put across how much your customers love your product and service. 


5) Accelerate Your Email Marketing Campaign 

Email marketing is the most impactful source of ROI as it yields better results for 59 percent of the marketers. If you want to boost online sales quickly, you need to build one as soon as possible. First integrate emails and automated campaigns, then split test emails (critical ones) before sending them out to examine its effectiveness. Create appreciated directions, especially if the product is difficult to install. Moreover, following up can assist in developing brand influences and will help spread the word about your company. 



If you want to expand your company, it is vital to devote effort and money to producing sales leads. Creative strategies work for brands. Earning potential customers will not only help with additional data about your target market, but they will also assist you in better understanding who you are as a company and the potential you have. 


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