Storyboard &
Motion Graphic

Motion graphics are animated graphics that tell a story. Motion graphic stories can be told through kinetic text, animated images, or both. They can be 2D or 3D . At first we gather all the relevant information and create a story line for our motion graphics.

Our script writers, producers, production team and sketch artists visualizes the story. However before we get started we draw out frames on a white board to re-conceptualize the whole idea.

Once we have the storyboard with sketches, we begin to translate our storyboards into actual designs. Last phase in this is animation. It is being carried out when all the designs are ready and together.

Motion Graphic Process

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Initial Meeting

  • Finding the storyGeneral infromation about the client and their story is presented
  • Establish GoalsWhat is the purpose of the video?Who is the target audience?
  • Budget & TimelineDetermine budget, length and complexity. Establish deadlines.

Script Writing

  • Develop and Outlinethat provides structure for the video
  • Establish Goalsthat catches the audience’sattention and introduces the main idea.
  • Script Review & RevisionsOnce a script is drafted, it it reviewd by the client and finalized after revisions.


  • BrainstromingIdeas are compiled from videos and illustrations.


  • Music is chosenor scored by a composer.
  • Voice-Over is recordedby a professional voice talent.
  • Audio Review & RevisionsMusic choice and voice-over are tweaked to match client input.


  • Establish illustration stylefrom client provided samples, as well as the brainstroming process
  • Illustrate elementsie. charactes, icons, symbols, scenes, backgrounds… basincally everything you see.
  • Choose Typefacethat matched established visual style and client branding.
  • Create a StoryboardUsing the illustration, a simple visual plan for the video created.


  • Place illustrated elementsinto timeline with the finalized voice-over.
  • Basic keyframingIllustrated elements are animated to fit the timing of the music and voice-over.
  • Advanced animationAfter a rough draft is complete, animations are finessed, and detail is added.
  • Animation Review & RevisionsA round of client revisions occur, and the video is fine tuned to accommodate client feedback.


  • Select & place sound effectsbased on visual style and tone.
  • Mix & Masterto combine, music, voice over & effects into one cohesive audio treck, meeting industry standards.


  • Combine all elementsincluding visuals and audio into a redered video file.


  • Conversion & DeliveryThe video is compressed & converted into client specified formats and delivered via download.

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