Ever since Netflix was launched, we have been watching series, movies, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and whatnot on this OTT platform. But did you know, that we can even collect NFTs while watching a series, recently in a new series launched on Netflix a series named Love, Death + Robots an anthological animation series you can collect NFTs inside the show?   

While watching the series if you spot an NFT you simply just collect it.  

This has kept people wondering what if this OTT platform has more than just series, movies and all to offer or what is it hiding in its shows. The famous Stranger Things Series 4 is also one of those sci-fi series which could also possess some NFTs lurking around.  

Not that we have got a hold of any, but we do know that the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens has given a rise in the way people look at art rather than just a piece of digital paintings or an artist’s imagination. It has added volume to its demand which the tech needed.  

It can be said that ‘The show Love, Death + Robots’ is the best show for Netflix to experiment with NFTs and grow more audience after the abrupt fall in its stock market. This may be a chance for Netflix to grow big, with the help of NFTs.  

The Love, Death + Robots was the most hyped sci-fi series even before it was launched. This series has animation and mixed media shorts that experiment with how we would watch the TV, while promoting experiment animation and VFX.  

There is a hidden collectible NFTs inside each episode, which can be accessed by scanning QR codes, which will directly open in your OpenSea account. Though all the NFTs that you collect are free you still need to pay the gas fees and need to have a Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask Wallet where it gives you complete control of your crypto.  

In total, there are 9 QR codes hidden in the series of ‘Love, Death + Robots ‘episodes and on its social media & according to the show’s website, the scavenger hunt was created in partnership with Web3 studio Feature and the 9 piece of QR-coded artwork is in various mediums, including the billboard, videos on social media and the episodes of series itself.  

Although, only the US viewers are said to be able to access the NFTs, and the cost of one of these Non-Fungible Tokens is $6 / £4, or around 0.003 ETH. Till date there has been $36,000 in trading volume and around 27,000 NFT owners have taken up the challenge to hunt each one down. 

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