Instagram is one of the most used social media applications worldwide, and it’s only natural that people use it for their growth, to develop their business, or to create content of their own.  

People use Instagram to showcase their photos, unique designs for their business & services they offer. But have you ever wondered, from where did all these good designs & photos they put forward come from, because one thing ‘s for sure, the designs put forward by content creators and the media people grab anyone’s attention.  

It is also true you need not spend thousands of rupees on software to put forward creative content designs or good photos. To put in a good content design, you can even look forward to hiring a graphic designer, who would cut cost and your time as they create content according to your needs.  

But if you are a person who has time and can create content and designs of your own, then these applications are the best designing apps for you.  

They have inbuilt templates, and other features needed. You can also upgrade them, to get premium templates and many other features. 


  1. Canva

Who has not heard of Canva. Nowadays, almost all the social media posts are made in Canva to save time, and it’s super effective and the most powerful app for designing. It can be easily used on the Web, iOS, Android, Windows & macOS.  

The best feature about Canva is that it is free and has about thousands of templates already available and ready to be used. And if you want to create a design of your own, you can even create that without any hassle as it is super easy to use.  The Canva Pro function allows you to download high-resolution graphics and is free of watermarks (which can be found in premium designs).  


  1. Freepik

Freepik is another application that almost all graphic designers use as it has many free fonts, pictures, templates, audio, you name it, it has it all.  

Though Freepik also has free features, most of the features are premium, but the free version also offers a wide range of templates that can be easily be used for anything. Freepik is basically more useful to people who have a product brand to showcase, as it has many free mockups which can be used free of cost.   


3.  Unfold

If you are looking for an application, which designs minimalistic and modern story designs, then Unfold is the one that will help you stand out and the best part is you do not need an account to use it, you just design it and you’re good to download it.  

Unfold lets you download or export high-quality images, and supports both video and photos.  


  1. Font Candy:

Font Candy is one of the most powerful text editors that is currently available on the internet. This makes your Instagram stories speak volume. You get in-built layout templates, letting you put watermarks to protect your images from copyright.  

Font Candy offers you a one-week trial, and around $8/ month. 


  1. Invideo :

Now Invideo is almost like Canva, but it deals with videos instead, hence the name Invideo.  

Invideo has 1000+ templates from where you can use the videos to make a cool looking promotional video or an intro for your new vlogs or your new contents. Many designers and content creators use Invideo to save time and to create something beautiful in the most effective way. It works like Premium Pro to some extent, or for simple video edits. It also has a premium feature, if you want to unlock the premium feature if you want to.

Now if you feel like creating content or designing anything, make sure you visit one of these sites, which offers you so many good features without being any extra weight to carry. Happy Creating. 


There is stiff competition online where e-commerce brands are trying their best to sell their products. It is pretty difficult to sell your product to the targeted audience in the age of increasing online business. Whether email marketing, ads to sales decks or cold calling, everything leads to a single result of generating more online sales. However, no matter what strategies are implemented, there are chances of losing online sales.  

Whether the size of your business is big or small, your only goal is to increase online sales and lead your way to success. 

However, in eCommerce, increasing online sales is a complicated task because there are so many different online sales strategies to implement, of which very few work. 

We’ve put together some tried-and-tested methods for leveraging online sales. Evaluating all the tips is a must here. You need to figure out how this can fit in your online marketing plan & strategy. Not every technique is appropriate for every product, as some are more geared toward social media. 


5 Ways to increase online sales 


1) PPC to Grow Leads and Sales  

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns provide an effective and straightforward way to reach your target audience, further increasing online sales. According to a recent Search Engine Land report, 75% of online shoppers are able to find about products and services through paid ads in SERPs; also, on different pages of social media. PPC has presented positive sales and leads, and brands that invest in PPC see a better return. 

Paid social media campaigns can be included in PPC plans to keep your products and services in front of customers’ minds even when they aren’t actively looking for them. Customers who added something to their cart without going ahead with their transaction can be reminded through social remarketing methods.

2) SMO (Social Media Marketing) 

Your presence needs to be showcased to create a lasting impression on your target audience. Many individuals utilize social media to contact brands because some platforms are easily accessible and quickly know more about the brand or product. 

On the other hand, customers may send you a message if they are displeased with your product or service. In this instance, you must act swiftly and do your best to remedy the issue or have a marketing manager do it. This way, you can entrust their confidence upon you. Customers like to use products of brands that listen to their queries.

3) Reviews and Testimonials 

Since you can’t see a product or service operating over the internet, it isn’t easy to judge its true quality. As a result, most customers rely on reviews and testimonials from real individuals to help them make an informed purchase. Display your best or highest-rated reviews, and create a page on your website to showcase other client testimonials and case studies. 

Dig into your competitors’ reviews and examine the presentation of their review. If you find that you have way less review than your competitor, you need to work on increasing your amount. When it comes to consumer products, the number of reviews you have might directly impact your conversion rate. 


4) Freebies Leverage Sales Growth 

Giving customers a free sample or trial of your product is a wonderful way to drive online sales. Product samples always played positively in persuading customers to buy more. Moreover, it is a great way to put across how much your customers love your product and service. 


5) Accelerate Your Email Marketing Campaign 

Email marketing is the most impactful source of ROI as it yields better results for 59 percent of the marketers. If you want to boost online sales quickly, you need to build one as soon as possible. First integrate emails and automated campaigns, then split test emails (critical ones) before sending them out to examine its effectiveness. Create appreciated directions, especially if the product is difficult to install. Moreover, following up can assist in developing brand influencers and will help spread the word about your company. 



If you want to expand your company, it is vital to devote effort and money to producing sales leads. Creative strategies work for brands. Earning potential customers will not only help with additional data about your target market, but they will also assist you in better understanding who you are as a company and the potential you have. 


Marketing is a way to get your business in front of the audience; tell them who you are, what you do, and how could you benefit them. Marketing is truly as simple as that, but the market is highly saturated, and when every brand uses the same age-old marketing tactics, consumers get baffled, and sales decline. Consumers, these days, love personalized messages rather than a generic piece of advertisement, the demand for instant communication with the business and quick decision-making. To keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviour, businesses need to keep up with the latest marketing trends. To help you ace up your marketing strategy, here we have compiled the latest digital marketing trends for 2021 and 2022. 


1.Personalized Marketing

2.Marketing Automation

3.AI-Integrated Marketing

4.Voice Search Optimization

5.Multichannel Marketing

6.Micro-influencer Marketing

7.Leverage User-Generated Content 



Imagine going to a party or a conference, and the host welcomes you personally among the crowd of guests. How do you feel at that moment? It makes you feel the importance the host has given you out of all the other guests. The same is with your consumers. 


Consumers love it when you send them personalized messages rather than bombarding their screens with generic advertisements that have nothing to do with them. Personalization not only means sending common mail to all consumers by only changing the names of the receivers. 


Personalization is when someone visits your website for the first time, encourage them to a welcome offer. Send personalized birthday or anniversary wishes to your consumers along with special discounts. Run loyalty programs and reward your customers on reaching the different milestones. Show them recommendations based on their interests and previous behaviors.  


A study by Accenture reports that 91% of consumers are likely to buy from a business that sends recommendations relevant to them. This stat clearly indicates how lucrative personalized marketing can be to skyrocket sales.  


Right from your CTAs to the landing page copy, every piece of content must be hyper-targeted to the exact consumer that increases the chance of conversions. Before drafting personalized content, it is important to draft your target audience and define your ideal buyer persona.  



Do you think you can stay online all 24 hours and perform every marketing task manually? This will consume maximum of your precious time that could be well utilized in expanding your business, improving your services and implementing new forms of marketing strategies. To reduce your marketing workload and generate better results, switch towards marketing automation. 


Marketing automation is as simple as scheduling your social media posts to automatically responding to social media comments. You can use automation tools for lead generation wherein you offer a welcome gift to the first time visitor of your website, and as soon as the person enters his/her email in the box, the email containing the gift reaches their mailbox shortly and also their mail gets populated in your mailing list to send personalized emails in future. 


A recent study found that 80% of businesses that used marketing automation received increased leads and higher conversions via automated lead nurturing. Marketing automation is also used to target the abandoned carts and motivate the consumer to purchase by offering personalized offers or discounts. Automation tasks are made even simpler and easier with the help of AI.  



Artificial Intelligence is when machines perform complex tasks with an intelligence of the like of a human. People have a misconception that AI is something only related to complex scientific or engineering tasks, but the reality is AI is being integrated into the marketing strategies by popular brands across the globe to boost the marketing ROI.  


According to the reports of Narrative Science, 80% of business and tech leaders say AI boosts business productivity. AI can be used for marketing automation, data analysis, learn customer preferences, find & leverage the latest trends in the market.  


AI is used to re-target the abandoned carts, analyze consumer behavior and target them with recommendations accordingly. To put it simply, the personalization and automation of marketing get achieved via AI.  


One of the best real-time examples of AI being used to personalize content is the home feed of Netflix. The biggest driving factor in the popularity of this OTT platform is it gives personalized recommendations to every user, and the shows recommended to every user along with the thumbnails of those shows are unique and different for every user. Thus AI has paved way for the grand success of platforms like Netflix. 



The usage of voice searches have increased exponentially in recent times and this derives from the fact that people are highly engaging with digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. When performing voice searches, people usually speak lengthy sentences and hence target long-tail keywords and keep your content in a simple, conversational tone. Optimize your content for voice search to boost your visibility on search results.  



Your consumers could be anywhere, and they want you to be everywhere they are. Whether it is the various social media channels, blog, website, emails, podcast, etc., have a presence at every digital channel for the convenience of your consumer to make a decision. For this matter, you must also consider advertising on OTT as most of the audience is present on these platforms today. Leverage every channel to get the most out of your marketing efforts. 



An influencer is a common word for the digitally savvy people of today. Influencers are those who have the capability of driving decisions of the audience based on their content. Brands usually collaborate with big celebrities and influencers to grow their brand awareness and drive conversions. 


However, it is not guaranteed that a mere collaboration with a bigger celebrity with millions of followers will bring you sales. It is seen that even the most popular celebrities with millions of followers hardly have a better engagement on their social media posts that fails your influencer marketing goals.   


You can collaborate with micro-influencers with a decent number of followers but a higher engagement on social media posts. In the recent micro-influencers have brought significant sales for brands they have collaborated with. So next time you think for an influencer collaborative marketing, do not focus only on the number of followers they have but consider who their audience is, whether their audience falls in your target audience and how much is their engagement ratio. 



Sometimes, you can market your brand without creating content rather than simply leveraging the content that the users create. The user-generated content includes the online reviews and recommendations that your consumers leave after purchasing a product/service from your business.  


UGC content can be generated by conducting online contests that motivate the users to repost your brand post on their social media stories or make short videos promoting your product, etc., that generates brand awareness. UGC is one of the most authentic and reliable forms of marketing that drive better customer response as it is a form of virtual word-of-mouth marketing. 


Digital marketing has only changed the landscape of marketing to using the Internet however the basic principles of marketing remain the same. The only cue to get the most of your marketing efforts is by leveraging the latest trends in the market. Connect with us Entitledarts to amp up your marketing strategies with state-of-the-art marketing strategies and tools that boost your business revenue.  

The evolution of the Internet made things convenient, and shopping is no exception to it. The whole world has come to your fingertips, and wherever you are, you can buy anything from around the world with a few clicks. Shopping has become even more convenient with the online reviews that play a key role in decision-making. 90% of online shoppers check the online reviews before making a decision, and that narrates how vital consumer reviews are for your business. If you still do not consider encouraging customers to leave reviews, here are a few reasons to do it. 



These days, people look for online reviews before making a purchase. If your business has reviews online, no matter positive or neutral, people trust that it is a genuine business and give it a try. The reviews you get on the digital space build an identity for your business or brand among the audience.  




These days when you look out to purchase any product or service, you will find hundreds of alternate businesses dealing in the same. This leaves the end consumers baffled about making the decisions. Let’s look into a simple daily life example. Assume you are looking to buy a photo frame, and you search for it online on a marketplace like Amazon and find a frame of your choice. Further, when you decide to buy it, you find another seller in the suggestions section who is selling the same photo frame. If both the sellers are selling the product at a similar price range, how will you decide where to buy it?  


At this juncture, a consumer usually looks for the reviews and ratings on the seller’s page or their product page. If there is a better rating for Seller 1 and more positive reviews than Seller 2, you as a consumer would decide on buying it from Seller 1. That is the impact of reviews on consumers that guide their decision-making process, and hence you must maintain better ratings and positive reviews for your business and products. 




Earlier, people used to buy what their friends or family suggested or recommended. Now, people trust the reviews that are left online. Though the reviews are given by strangers whom the consumer does not even know, still a consumer trusts another consumer’s reviews because they like to play safe. In a survey, 94% of online shoppers admitted that a negative review convinced them to avoid visiting a business. This makes it crucial for businesses to get more positive reviews and build trust among the consumers. 




Do you know how lucrative it is to occupy higher ranks on search engine results? When users do not go beyond the first or second search result, you cannot expect them to travel to the second or third results page, and hence your ultimate goal should be to seal a spot on the top of the results. If you do not wish to spend much on advertising and look to grow your search rankings organically, many SEO factors contribute to higher search rankings. One among those is the consumer reviews.  


When Google returns local business results, it usually ranks the businesses with higher ratings or better reviews. Reviews and ratings account for nearly 10% of SEO ranking criteria, and hence it is a convenient way for you to boost your visibility. After all, only when your business website will be visible to people, they will consider your product/services. Thus, start receiving reviews from your consumers at the earliest. 




Have you heard about word-of-mouth marketing? It is when someone recommends you a product/service that they have tried and liked. Online reviews serve the same purpose, as they tell the consumers that a particular business is trustworthy and the products/services are worth giving a try. There are many popular brands like Tesla or Tupperware that do not run commercial advertisements, yet have a skyrocketed sales solely because of word-of-mouth marketing.  




Consumers are an important asset to any business, and consumers love when you treat them in the same way. When you encourage your consumers to share their experience and leave genuine feedback about your service, they feel their importance. It strengthens your business-customer relationship, and that wins you better ratings as well.  




When you ask customers to leave genuine reviews, you must be ready to receive reviews mixed with criticism, appreciation and suggestions. When there is a combination of positive, negative and neutral reviews, the reviews section looks more genuine rather than a fabricated or spammy review section. These reviews give you an insight into what the consumer wants and where does your service lag, giving you a lucrative chance to improve your service and skyrocket your sales. 


Look for a positive approach in every scenario. When you receive criticism or a negative review, analyse the issue faced by the user and rectify it. There are three direct benefits of doing this.  



What you tell about your brand is less effective than what your consumers have to tell about your brand. Your business is different from your brand as a brand projects a more humanistic approach to marketing. A brand is of the consumers, for the consumers and by the consumers and hence, value every consumer’s review to build a successful brand.  


Though it might be tricky to get reviews from your customers during the initial days of your business, you can play with a few marketing gimmicks to get it done. For example, encourage your customers to leave a review about your business in return for a discount coupon or loyalty points or reward points. Once you get a few reviews, there is no looking back as reviews generate more reviews. If you are looking to grow your business with top-notch UI/UX designs, marketing and IT services, feel free to connect with Entitledarts that has helped several businesses across the globe to boost their revenue and customer relationship.   

Social media has become a gold mine for businesses and content creators. The lifestyle and the decisions of Millennials and Gen Z consumers these days get highly inspired by the social media trends and the popular content creators on these platforms who are known as influencers. Influencers have the skill and the power to drive awareness and interest among the audience for a particular product/service.  


If you consider business networking, the best platform would be LinkedIn that accounts for 80% of B2B leads. Thus becoming an influencer on LinkedIn could be highly lucrative for your brand and your business. But becoming an influencer on LinkedIn is not as easy as said. It takes time, effort and brilliant strategy to become an influencer. Here is a detailed guide to become a thought leader in your industry and establish yourself as a LinkedIn influencer. 


These days you will find influencers on all social media platforms like Instagram influencers, TikTok influencers, etc., as influencer marketing has become mainstream. Earlier, the LinkedIn platform had selected a few industry leaders as the influencers, including them in the influencer program. However, a few of these profiles were not quite active on the platform, and the LinkedIn audience started following new influencers who created brilliant content consistently. So here are the steps that will help you propel your LinkedIn profile as an influencer. 



As you know, LinkedIn is primarily a business social network, hence your profile must align with business goals. Keep your profile updated with your profession, expertise, career hierarchy, achievements and contact details. In the ‘About’ section, include a crisp overview of your services and expertise while removing the unnecessary fluff.  


Include a professional-looking profile picture and your services or your business card in the banner. Your profile should be such that whoever visits it gets a quick overview of who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Do not forget to attach the links to your website or portfolio. 



Branding is not only associated with a business; a personal brand is something that works wonders on the LinkedIn platform. Whether you are a CEO of a reputed company, startup founder, employee or freelancer, it is necessary to build a personal brand for yourself to excel on this business network.  


A personal brand is building a unique identity of oneself that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Your brand must speak of your excellence, your personality, and it must be something that people look up to and love to interact with.  


While building your brand, the foremost requirement is to identify your niche. Initially, explore diverse fields and settle on one that you find the most interesting and aligning with your passion. Once you find your niche, create valuable content and establish thought leadership in that particular niche. The work you do, the results you put out speak about your brand.   



After you find your niche, it is time to create content. The content you create should be something that imparts value to the audience. Do not create salesy or promotional content in the initial stage. Share value-driven content like how-to, the challenges you encountered, the mistake you made, the lessons you learnt, etc.  


Your content must reflect genuinity and appeal to the audience’s emotions and personal experiences, striking the right chord. When people relate to your experiences, they will further take decisions as per your advice.   



Stories have fascinated the human race for ages. Stories build a connection with the audience by leveraging nostalgia, emotions and shared experiences. Even when you try to market your product, blend it into an engaging story that entertains the audience.  


Content that shocks, surprises, entertains and educates the audience is always known to succeed. Share stories of how your career evolved and how you tackled the challenges on your way. This type of content is relatable and also seen to drive more engagement on LinkedIn.   



Did you know your content on LinkedIn can act as a lucrative lead magnet? Yeah, it’s not clickbait but a proven reality. There are several real-life examples of how people became influencers and popular freelancers by posting highly engaging and value-driven content on LinkedIn. Engagement is a priority on LinkedIn because when someone likes or comments on your post, the reach of your post expands to their connections and followers, as well. Thus your post reach can become twofold or threefold with every engagement.  


Once someone interacts with your content, they will visit your profile, and there are chances for them to become your prospects or make informed conversions. A tested trick to drive increased engagement is to post value-added content and then leave a question for the audience that is easy and relatable to the maximum of the audience. Occasionally conduct surveys in terms of polls or post entertaining memes that relate to your brand and add some light humor to bring engagement.  



When you receive engagement in terms of comments on your posts, reply to those comments and take the conversations ahead. When you interact with the audience, provide them with solutions via comments, a bond of trust gets established, as you end up building a community.  


Conduct polls and try to find out what type of content your audience would like to see. Interact more and more with your audience to comprehend their pain points and address them. Once you build a trusted relationship on LinkedIn, you can then drive your community outside the platform, increasing the sales. Hence we had earlier marked that LinkedIn acts as a lead magnet. 


Along with responding to audience comments on your post, interact with the posts of other influencers in your niche. Interaction does not mean leaving a like on their LinkedIn post or posting a single-word comment for mere formality. Add more valuable points to their posts or share your perspective of the shared scenario in the comments. When you add value in the comments section of other influencers’ posts, their audience will navigate to your profile as you prove your expertise in the niche.  



After trying out all the above steps, the highly essential thing to follow is being consistent. You cannot become a LinkedIn influencer overnight. It takes days of hard work, consistent content creation, audience interaction and networking skills to become an influencer. Having said that, your content creation journey does not end when you become an influencer. All the above-mentioned steps are recurring events, hence keep following them to keep up with the coveted position of being an influencer. Once you establish yourself in the social business network, you can drive leads and sales conveniently unless you take it for granted.  


If you do not find results after a few days of effort, do not lose confidence and give up in the mid-way. It may take few months to a couple of years to gain the status of an influencer, and your patience and consistency would be the key ingredients of the recipe. Keep experimenting with content styles, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, rectify your mistakes, network with people and one day, you could be someone who drives the decisions of thousands of people. 


Becoming an influencer on LinkedIn could be lucrative, but the process might be demanding. It is not a place where one viral post would be enough to establish your identity; it is a place where your consistent efforts and consistent value-added, excellent performing posts will drive your success. If you wish to build your brand on LinkedIn or boost your business via LinkedIn marketing, connect with Entitledarts. We have helped people double their revenue by leveraging the LinkedIn platform.   

Businesses across the globe have boarded the digital space during the recent pandemic. Whether B2B or B2C, these days, every business is actively using digital channels to reach prospects during these pandemic times because of safety concerns and social distancing norms. Email marketing is one of the prominent and conventional digital marketing channels to reach out to the audience. Emails are a great medium to drive brand awareness, leads generation, lead nurturing, customer acquisition and customer retention. Email marketing will not be regarded as outdated if you follow the latest trends of email marketing. Here are a few email marketing trends of 2021 that can boost your marketing ROI. 



Over time, social media simplified communication with the audience and has become a mainstream marketing channel, making people assume that traditional email marketing channels are outdated and less profitable. However, change is the law of the universe, and things are quite uncertain in the business and marketing world.  


To everyone’s surprise, email marketing recharged in the pandemic hit times. Covid-19 not only changed the lifestyle but also made people more mindful about their choices. In this pretext, emails served a great purpose to make the audience aware of a brand, nurture the leads, acquire and retain the leads, thus making email one of the highly reliable and converting consumer touchpoints.  


Thus to revive the regular business, brands will have to revamp their marketing strategy and bring email marketing campaigns to the forefront of their strategy. For this, it is necessary to build a long mailing list; your mail list also helps generate increased traffic and boost your search ranking. While doing so, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends of email marketing to leverage more of its potential.  



Consumers these days have millions of alternate options for every business or product, making it a strenuous task for marketers to hold the prospects. One of the best ways to this is by sending highly personalized emails that cater specifically to every individual reading the mail rather than a common text forwarded to the bulky mailing list.  


Consumers are aware that their interests and information are being collected by companies these days, and in return for these, they expect personalized deals and offers. The initial personalization begins with the name of the receiver and goes to the higher-end of customizing the mail content to align with the interests of the receiver.  


It has been surveyed that people either delete the mail, opt-out of a mailing list or report it spam when the content of the mail does not align with their behaviour. A higher degree of personalization could not be met when you use basic automation to send mail to millions of people with a single click. However, this is not impossible in this age of AI and high-end technology if you adopt the latest marketing trends.  


Leverage Artificial Intelligence in your email marketing campaigns to access the enormous amount of user data available on the Internet, segment the audience based on their interest, and finally serve them highly personalized emails that align with their behaviour and interest. Use robotic process automation and AI to convey the message to every individual rather than to your mailing list in general. If a person feels his/her importance, they will show interest otherwise they have millions of options on the Internet.   



Consumers do not want you to throw some random content, they want you to be interactive with them though it is a promotional mail. Marketers need to understand that people do not hate promotions rather they hate the way the promotion is done. Most of the consumers revealed in a survey by Statista that they love to receive promotional emails from brands that they love. Thus you must send emails that are highly interactive to engage the receivers instead of annoying them. 


Interactive emails have a higher engagement, open rate and clickthrough rate. You can include short videos, product animations, gifs, photo carousels, polls, etc., in your mail to make it highly interactive. If consumers abandon their cart before making a purchase, re-target them with a personalized email that has a clear call to action reminding them about their abandoned cart and motivating them to complete the purchase. By motivating, we mean give them a special offer or a giveaway to seal the deal. 


Clear CTAs are one of the most interactive elements that if rightly used can boost your conversion rates. Along with CTAs, you can also directly sell your products from the mail using an interactive product page and a shopping cart. This removes the need for a prospect to move out of the email to make a transaction, making the process highly convenient that undoubtedly boosts your conversion rate.   



Humans love stories and so do your prospects. With the aid of interactive content, tell an engaging story via your mail. Have a relevant and fascinating subject line that boosts the open rate. Do not go for those clichéd click baits that people just ignore clicking through. You can also take a step ahead and build a personalized story for the mail receivers that aligns with their behaviour and uses their names. This will fascinate the people, and they will end up clicking the CTA at the end.  



As already stated above that people love brands that give consumers due respect and importance. Taking personalization a step ahead, you can retain customers by sending personalized messages thanking them for their support. Brands these days are more into these thanksgiving and customer appreciation emails as it generates a better response from the prospects. Send them birthday wishes along with personalized discounts, give them exclusive early access to a sale for being a valued customer and reward them for promoting your brand to their friends. These are age-old marketing techniques for customer retention that has to be updated and incorporated into your email marketing campaigns.  



Most of the online activities happen on mobile devices by the consumers giving you ample reason to optimize your emails for the mobile layouts. If your mail content is not optimized for mobile devices, people will not even think twice before deleting the mail. Even the interactive content that you use must be highly optimized for mobile view for maximum output.  



The digital audience today prefers an uncluttered and simple form of communication. That straightly indicates you must go for a minimalistic mail without much ado. Keep your message simple with straightforward CTAs, and do not confuse or bore the readers with irrelevant details. The design, the font, the message and the subject must be simple yet engaging. 


E-mail marketing is a gold mine for businesses to generate leads and then convert those leads. To populate a converting mailing list, you must analyze whom to target by defining a target audience. Have a clear understanding of your target audience and buyer persona to personalize the emails and follow the latest email marketing trends to leverage the highly converting digital marketing channel. If you are also looking to boost your marketing ROI with highly converting email marketing strategies, connect with Entitledarts, the leading digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India. We help clients across the globe to bring a 360-degree digital transformation and build a brand out of their business.  

As most businesses are making their presence online these days, marketing and advertising costs are growing exponentially. With such high digital advertising costs, you would not want to waste your hard-earned money in advertising to people who are not interested in your product or to whom your product/offer does not relate.  

The best way to save your pockets while getting optimum leads and conversions would be by marketing your product/services to a target audience rather than random people on the Internet. We will guide you on how to find your target audience and leverage the best digital marketing practices. 



If you run a business, you will have a product or service to offer, and this product/service will be catering to a particular group of people. This group of people who might be interested in your product/service and potentially convert from a visitor to a customer is known as the target audience. These people are grouped according to the demographics and a few personal details.  


When we say target audience, chances are that you might get it confused with a buyer persona. There is a thin-line difference between the target audience and buyer persona, such that your buyer persona is the fictional representation of your ideal customer and his/her journey, whereas the target audience is a group of people who might be interested in your product/service. For your business, both the buyer persona and target audience are crucial and cannot be compromised for each other. 



If we go by the stats, Proxima estimated that nearly 37 billion dollars of ad spend are being wasted every year in advertising to the wrong audience resulting in poor digital advertising performance. So much ad spend gets wasted in advertising to the wrong audience. This wastage of ad spend can be saved if the ads are directed to the target audience as there is a higher probability for conversion and sales.  


When you define your target audience, you can address their pain points and customize your messages and ad copies that align with their interest. Having a clear understanding of your target market and serving them with a relatable piece of content, boosts your marketing ROI.  

For example, consider you sell expensive luxury handbags for women. There would be no use in advertising your product to a random audience comprising both men and women whose budgets fall out of your pricing. Instead, consider a few demographics like gender, consumption habits, income, etc., to find the ideal group of people who fall into the target audience group.  


When you have a clear idea of who your audience is and their demographics, you can target the most appropriate keywords such that your PPC campaigns bring better results and boost your search rankings. Having a good understanding of your consumer persona, also helps you incorporate negative keywords in PPC campaigns to drive relevant leads and lower your CPC. 



Target audiences are usually segregated from the random crowd using a few demographics like age, gender, location, educational background, interests, etc. Filling out these spaces gives you an idea of who can be your customers. You can determine your ideal target audience by following these below-mentioned steps. 


1.Know Your Existing Customer Base 

Prior to find out who could be your target audience, you must analyze your existing customer base. If a person has previously bought or made a purchase with your business, you must consider his/her demographics and find how he/she landed your business and what interested them to buy from you. When you find the answers to these questions, you can find out your target audience. A person who has once purchased from you will have a probability of returning in future too.  


2.Research About The Industry 

Perform comprehensive research about the industry that you deal in and its consumers. Every industry will have a dedicated consumer base, for example, if you manufacture cake tins, bakers and women interested in baking could be your target audience.  


3.Address Their Pain Points & Interests 

After finding the ideal demographics of your target audience, try to find their pain points and interests. For example, if we consider the previous example of manufacturing cake tins, there might be the latest trend of baking different unique shapes of cake. But it might be difficult for a consumer to purchase separate cake tins of every shape that will cost them too much.  

You must try to leverage consumer interest, along with addressing their pain point of overspending for buying separate tins for every shape. Your product must solve consumer’s problems by manufacturing a customizable silicon-based cake tin that can customize the cake to any shape as required.     


4.Analyse Your Competitor’s Target Audience 

Competitors are good for every business as when there is competition in the market, the best services get rendered to the consumers at affordable prices. Analyze to whom your competitor is selling its services and find if you have leveraged the similar demographics as used by them. Also, try to fill the gaps in your competitor’s business strategy and drive increased leads and sales. 


5.Where Does Your Target Audience Have A Greater Presence? 

In the world of digital advertising and social media advertising, it is not a big thing to find insights about your consumers, where do the maximum traffic and leads come from and other analytics. Using the tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can track user behavior and what type of content is driving traffic so that you make better data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns. 


Use these insights and strengthen your presence in the places where your target audience is highly active to accentuate your brand awareness and generate increased leads. Having a presence where your audience is already present doubles the chances for conversions.  

To drive customers to your brand, you have to show up initially. It is essential to show up to the right audience that minimizes advertising costs and saves your marketing budget. Defining the target audience and advertising your product only to them boosts the sales, and also your marketing ROI.  


Along with determining the ideal target audience and consumer persona, leverage the latest marketing trends for better results. If you are looking to expand your business and boost your sales with top-notch Marketing strategies, connect with Entitledarts, the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India. We have been helping clients across the globe with their digital transformation via designing, branding and marketing services. 

Social media is the gateway that drives brand awareness, acts as a lead magnet and boosts your sales. It is one of the best places to drive increased organic traffic to your business and boost your search rankings. But the social media is highly saturated, and for boosting your visibility to the maximum of your target audience, your content must get viral. Any form of content ranging from a kid’s dance to a brand’s marketing campaign to a relatable tweet, anything can go viral overnight, making social media a mysterious place. The only rule to content virality on social media so far is leveraging the interest of the audience. It’s a little tough to get your social media content to go viral, but following the below-mentioned steps, you can drive millions of eyeballs to drop on your content.   



Though you put your heart and soul to create brilliant content, it does not get the expected reach and engagement. It might be because you crafted it from your perspective rather than comprehending the audience’s perspective. The audience loves high-quality content that is fascinatingly crafted without compromising on quality. For instance, if you are using images or videos, higher quality visuals attract the audience and retain their attention for a long.  

Secondly, always optimize your content tailoring to the concerned social media platforms. Different forms of content work better on different social networking sites. For example, Reels work great on Instagram these days, Idea pins have become a coveted spot on Pinterest, etc. Repurpose your content into various forms that align with the visibility of the platform that you post it on. 



Social media audiences love to consume short-form content that provides information/entertainment within a few seconds. If you can impress them with the initial sight of the post, they’ll interact with your content otherwise, just scroll through the feed. Whether it’s a video, carousel or a single-image post, the initial visual should be attractive enough to make people stop, look and interact with the content. Impressive graphic designs boost the reach of your business and get better engagement on social media.  


Stunning visuals are one of the best ways to get increased eyeballs rolling over your content. Catchy captions and copies of the graphics are yet another way to grab attention. Combine both of these to make your content travel the extra mile.  


In the course of hooking the audience, do not use clickbait titles or such negative practices that can, in turn, have a poor impact on your long-term reach. You would remember the various clickbait titles you came across on YouTube. Once or twice you might have clicked through it out of curiosity to find nothing relevant in the video. You might have either disliked the video, reported it or never returned to the channel any time in future. The same is the experience with the audience and hence avoid clickbait content that affects your long-term growth on social media. 



If your content appeals to the audience’s emotions and relate to their experiences and pain points, you have probably struck the right chord. If you look at the viral posts on social media, a maximum of them is something that the audience resonates with. Entertaining, informative and problem-solving content are the ones that generate good traction. It’s essential to remember that your content must be appealing to the human audience on social media and not the algorithm. Social media algorithm intends to keep the maximum of its users active on the platform, and hence if you can drive the audience to your content and generate engagement, the algorithm will promote your content too. 



Content that is highly saved and shared is considered a successful one because the higher it gets shared, the higher its chances for getting viral. And again, a post will be shared maximum if it adds value to the people. Platforms like Instagram promote highly shared posts on the explore page that brings increased traffic from people out of your community. It not only makes your content go viral but also boosts your brand awareness. 



When you collaborate with influencers having a better engagement rate, your brand visibility increases, and if the content is impressive enough to cater to the interest of audiences, it will get viral. However, even celebrities with million followers sometimes could not bring better results because of poor engagement to follower ratio. Only when a post has higher engagement, its reach will go beyond your follower community. 



These days you can find that every other week new social media trends erupt. These trends mostly erupt out of nowhere but take the whole Internet by storm. You would probably remember the Binod trend that went enormously viral a few months back. Try to leverage the latest social media trends by aligning your brand value and messaging to the trending post concept. Millennials and Gen Zs are highly devoted to moment marketing and social media trends, hence leverage these to render your content viral all over the Internet. 


If you are aware of the interests of your target audience and cater content accordingly, the reach of your social media page will keep increasing to the extent of your content going viral. Momentous virality is good, but it would be better if the brand visibility sustains even after the days of getting viral. Consistency of content that is curated according to your audience’s interest will always bring lucrative results. If you wish to gain an upper hand in the social media game, connect with Entitledarts, the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India. We help brands boost their visibility, reach, leads and conversions with top-notch social media marketing solutions.   

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