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by admin - 23 Feb 2021

‘The first impression is the last impression’ – quite a common proverb but having a deep underlying meaning. When a random visitor visits your brand, you hardly have a few seconds to influence a potential customer. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand will set the tone for your further relationship with the brand. When the first impression of your brand is highly impressive, visitors will stay longer, explore your brand further, and convert into loyal customers.
For all this to happen, the first step is to attract people with amazing visuals. Why visuals? ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ when you see a picture it stays in your memory for longer rather than a text. This is why Graphic Design plays a crucial role in branding, influencing people and increasing sales. This blog digs deep down to find how graphic designs boost the sales of a brand.
You would have heard the word ‘Graphic Design’ a lot many times, but what does it mean? Is it images, illustrations, symbols, typography or a combination of all?
Graphic Design is an artistic way of communicating important messages to people. It is not only an art but an art with a specific message. Graphic design is a huge umbrella comprising the various facets of art and creativity, including shapes, illustrations, colors, typography and layouts but not limited to these.
Graphics strike an emotional chord with the audience and influence them to take the necessary action. Designs bring an aesthetic appeal to the way a brand communicates its concepts with a human-centered approach.
So how can good Graphics drive sales for your brand?
1. Visual Graphics influence the Human Brain
We consume graphical content every day in the form of advertisement, brochures, magazines, pictures, etc. It is present everywhere around us, explaining how vital it is for marketing. Our mind subconsciously drives us towards the creative visuals.
Although we have five senses, 70% of all sensory receptions initiate from eyes. It is said that it only takes 10ms to process an image, and 100ms to realize the meaning attached to it.
The human mind is often influenced by the designs, visuals, colors and patterns. The artistic visual designs capture our attention swiftly, leaving a long-lasting impact in our mind. Visual content instigates our emotions and establishes a deep connection.
Do you know why Instagram shoot to such great popularity in a short span of time? One of the main reasons is the platform highlights visual content viz images and videos to entertain or educate the audience.
Pinterest is another platform which has become a popular visual search engine these days. The impressive graphics and images on the Pinterest application not only captures the audience’s interest but also supplies sufficient information.
Graphic designs leverage human’s inclination towards creativity and visual designs. Hence, it is quite evident that the human brain interprets visual content quite rapidly and conveniently.
2. Profitable Execution of the AIDA approach
AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. With the implementation of highly engaging graphics, you can smoothly navigate your prospects through the AIDA funnel approach.
Brands regularly put out impressive visuals on their social media page to attract the visitors, as they end up following the brand on social media. After following the page, they regularly interact with the visual content published by the brand, and subconsciously trust the brand. Eventually, they visit the brand website, online shop and also try out the products available. Thereby the AIDA theory happens to be true. And the initial step is undoubtedly amazing graphics with clear concepts.
3. Graphics coveniently convert your Leads to Sales
In this digital age people are more selective about their choices. It’s nearly impossible to directly pursuade the audience to try or purchase a product. They feel iritated when random ads interrupt their content consumption. Even the digital advertisements are not viewed by people as they install ad blockers or upgrade to the ad-free version of the applications to avoid seeing ads. All this leaves the brands and marketers helpless and clueless on how to influence people.
One thing that people will never get bored or irritated is the strong visuals. Visuals that intrigue the audience, visuals that establish an emotional connection with them, visuals that puzzle them and visuals that entertain them are always beneficial. Now, as a marketer, you must leverage the inclination of audience towards visual content. Strike the right chord by displaying captivating graphics to the audience, and effortlessly move them down the funnel.
Do not directly persuade them to purchase but make your designs so effective that influence the audience’s mind, which in turn persuades them to make a purchase. While you intend to sell, but your approach shouldn’t be the same.
4. Graphics Enhance Readability
Time has changed things to a great extent. People have become so busy in their lives that they hardly find time to read long content regularly. When you publish a long blog that hooks the audience in the initial lines, people proceed reading it. But if it fails to grab their interest from the headline or the initial lines, anyone would hardly skim the content.
Instead, if you include creative graphics in between the blog along with a summary of the blog as infographics, people will get the gist of the content and read the entire blog if they are intrigued by the infographic. Rich infographics are further shared by people which in turn increases brand awareness and traffic.
5. Graphic Designs build Credibility and Professionalism
Graphic designs play a vital role in the decision-making phenomena of customers. The way you present your brand and build a perception of your brand can significantly make or break your business. Efficient designs build trust among the public, and they stay with your brand for long.
You can empathize with the audience and address their pain points by depicting your product/service as a solution via cool graphic designs. Entitled Arts is a pro in designing graphics that empathize with the audience and initiate a bond of trust with the brand.
Good UI/UX designs influence the website visitors to take necessary actions and smoothly navigate through every stage of sales funnel. Impressive UI/UX designs also reduce the bounce rate of a website, and visitors stay longer on your website, exploring the brand extensively.
6. Designs provide an Upper-hand for every Business
Whether you’re a solopreneur selling your art on online stores or run a million-dollar business, graphic designs are quite useful to build your brand narrative and market via storytelling. Storytelling influences people well, and they make decisions quickly. Graphics guide consumers conveniently on consequent steps to be taken.
7. Fascinating Designs offer Budget-friendly Marketing
Brands big or small, new or old, all spend a lot on marketing. Marketing costs have grown by leaps and bounds in recent days. Small businesses cannot afford such high costs for marketing, and in these cases, designing skills can provide better results. These days, even a small business gets limelight on social media when they create and publish amazing visual graphics. The brand-curator pages on social media, highlight such enthralling graphics on their pages, which in turn, enhance the reach of a small brand to a wider group of audience. Resultingly, it paves the way for cost-free marketing of small businesses.
8. Creativity Wins the Competition
Brands usually face competition from other brands at every stage of the business. All the brands might be producing the same products with equal quality and efficiency but the way you market your product influences the customers to buy it.
Hence, to stand out from your competition, you must have an upper-hand at every marketing skill. Additionally, when your designs are appealing enough, people come to your brand, and you win the competition. Creativity always wins the competition, and enriching graphics wins you better leads and conversions.


Graphic designs intrigue the audience, build curiosity about your brand in them, and influence them to pay a visit to your brand’s space and eventually become a loyal customer and advocate of your brand.
We at Entitled Arts, accentuate the growth of your brand via captivating graphics that steer your brand identity into people’s life and memory for long. Visit to explore our creative works that enthral your prospects.


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