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5 Top Web Design Trends of 2022

by admin - 14 Sep 2022

The dynamic digital landscape is posing many challenges to the stakeholders. One of them is holding the attention of the visitors to the website. The website’s design and maneuverability contribute immensely to overcome this challenge. These two qualities of a website are timeless in this ever-changing space.  


Websites are one-stop destinations for users to understand the services and products the company offers. It needs to be interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate. Companies follow many visual tricks to hold the attention of the user. Of the very many design tricks, there are some web design trends of 2022 that are making a lot of noise. 


Here are a few of those web layout trends. 


1.Dark UIs: The dark color theme of the web layout is one of the popular design trends of 2022. It is easy on the eyes and looks sophisticated at the same time. With the number of color options available, designing a corporate web page and keeping up with the trends is very challenging. Hence, a design with a single-color option kickstarts the creative process and also has an aesthetic appearance.  


2.Mega Menus: This web design layout is an ideal option for websites with more pages like e-commerce sites. This website design trend makes the comprehensive menu box easy to read and navigate. It is user-friendly and improves the overall visual experience.  


3.Voice Assistants: According to surveys conducted by Google, 27% of the users use voice search and this number would continue to grow. This underlines the importance of having a voice assistant on a webpage. Though this is a design trend of 2022 for a landing page, it is an essential feature for the years to come. It makes browsing and navigation easier.  


4.Chatbot: This is one of the common ways users are communicating with companies. It is easy as it provides instant response. This way the companies can understand their potential customers and make changes to their services and products accordingly. It is an efficient query management system. This keeps a track of the grievances and needs of the customers.  


5.Split Screen and Bold Text: The typography on the website needs to be unusual and attention-grabbing. The split screen design of the page is gaining more attention as the imagery and text are clearly visible and improves the visual experience. The split on the page with text on one side and graphic on the other draws the attention of the user and makes it reads to read.  


These are some of the basic web layout trends that are thriving in the digital world. The key to designing the best landing page or website is to find the right mix of these trends that suit the organization’s functionality.  


We at Entitledarts study the trends regularly and come up with designs. We try to bring together the trending patterns and the company aesthetics in the best way possible. Hence, we wish to design websites that cater to the needs of the company and enhance customer engagement.  



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