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by admin - 1 Mar 2021

Are you running paid ads campaign that is bringing tons of traffic but the least of the conversions? Why aren’t your leads converting though you’re spending tons on your paid ads? Is there something that you are missing? Ok, relax! Here we are to guide you on how to increase your click to conversion ratio on your paid ads by incorporating negative keywords.
While running PPC ad campaigns, your prime focus might be targeting the most relevant keywords. You always wish to target the most appropriate keywords that bring your maximum return. With the increased levels of competition, targeting the most appropriate keywords is becoming expensive these days. Would you like to receive inappropriate traffic to your business while spending expensively on PPC campaigns? Of course, No!
You have to now filter out the unqualified, irrelevant clicks from the ones that could be your potential prospects. This is where Negative Keywords come into the picture. Though these keywords are named negative, efficient usage of these keywords renders a considerable positive impact on your PPC campaigns. So how do you use them efficiently to save your PPC expenditure and bring higher ROI? Continue reading below to generate the best bang for your buck on the PPC campaigns.
Negative keywords are the ones you include in your PPC campaigns to restrict your ads from showing up for irrelevant search queries that include these keywords. This inhibits your ad from showing up to the irrelevant traffic that does not bring any click or conversion. Basically, these are the search terms somehow related to your business, but you do not wish to target them or bring traffic from them.
For instance, assume you run ads for your paid baking classes in the United States. Your ad would probably show up for broad phrase matches like ‘baking class in the United States’ or ‘baking class near me’. Now, if a person searches for free baking classes in the United States and finds your ad in the results, he/she would click on it. But the person would then be disappointed to find that the classes are only for women.
You’ll have to pay the advertiser though you haven’t received a relevant click or conversion. Also, a wrong signal is sent that your ad lacks relevancy and is not efficiently targeted. Thus your money spent is wasted on a bad lead, as well as your Quality Score gets dropped. This diminishes your ad budget, and you lose the top spot from the search results.
Instead, if you had included negative keywords like ‘free baking class’ or ‘baking for free’ in your PPC campaign, your ad wouldn’t have shown up in the search results of that person. Thus you would have saved your money as well as your ad relevance and rank on search results. This situation clearly describes how crucial negative keywords are for digital advertising.
Similar to how you target keywords in various ways like a broad match, exact match, etc., you can also include negative keywords in the same fashion.
Exact Match: If the search query contains the exact word(s), your ad would not show up.
Broad Match: Your ad wouldn’t show up for the queries that contain all of the negative keyword terms irrespective of the order. But your ad will show up if only a few of the terms are used.
Phrase Match: Your ad wouldn’t show up when the exact phrase in the same order gets searched.
While checking your domain authority score, you’ll come across another term named Page Authority. Page authority is similar to domain authority, but it does not consider the entire website. This is a performance metric of specific pages on the website, indicating how well these pages rank on SERP. If your website has several pages with a high page authority score, your domain authority score is indeed boosted. The factors that influence the domain authority score have an impact on the page authority score as well.
Now, with the above example, you are aware of how crucial negative keywords are for your PPC campaigns. Let’s also find out a few more benefits of negative keywords in digital advertising.

  1. Irrelevant Traffic can be Limited

    Irrelevant traffic lowers your relevancy of the ad and diminishes your rank on search results. As mentioned in the above example, you can avoid irrelevant clicks by restricting your ad from showing up in the results of the search query that contains the negative keywords.

  2. Saves Your Pocket

    When the irrelevant traffic is ignored, there are no wasted clicks, and hence you do not have to pay for them. Otherwise, most of your ad budget gets wasted on these irrelevant clicks, and you don’t get conversions.

  3. Boosts your CTR

    When only relevant traffic comes to your ad, there are higher chances for the conversion rate to soar high. This brings potential prospects to your business and also increases the relevancy of your ad. Thus your search ranking is also boosted.

  4. Improves your Quality Score

    With the most relevant traffic and higher CTR coming to your site, your site’s quality score is enhanced, and with that, your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) can be reduced.

  5. Improves your ROI

    When the amount you invest in paid ad campaign brings relevant traffic and successful conversions for your business, it, in turn, generates better ROI. You do not only save money but also can utilize your saved budget for better targeting. Thus you get the most bang for your buck with improved domain authority.

With so many benefits and guaranteed improvement of the ROI, you ought to leverage the benefits of negative keywords in your PPC campaigns. The addition of negative keywords must be done at least once a month or more frequently, if possible. Do not waste your earnings by missing out on beneficial strategies in digital advertising. Get charged only for the clicks that are most relevant to your business. If you require any help with your PPC campaigns, please connect with us at
We guarantee cutting-edge marketing and advertising campaigns that boost your brand value.



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