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by admin - 9 Jul 2021

It would not be wrong if we tell social media has become an inseparable part of our routine. What began as a networking medium has over time evolved into a prime touchpoint for marketers and businesses to reach out to the target customers. Social media gives an extended insight into consumer choices. Additionally, social media advertising helps display ads to a niche-specific audience bringing higher leads and conversion rates. However, you might be aware that there are billions of social media users and highlighting your page and content among them might be a cumbersome task. If you follow the latest trends on social media, both the social media algorithm and the audience get impressed; boosting the reach, impressions and engagement. Here are a few latest trends of 2021 to be leveraged for better engagement on social media.


1.Create High-Quality Relatable Content

People come on social media for content, and hence if you wish to drive their attention to your page, regularly upload high-quality content. High-quality content includes high-quality images, well-written pieces of textual content, stunning designs and captivating audios/videos. Whatever content you upload, make sure it is relatable to your audience as relatable content gets shared and saved highly.


  • Initially, keep experimenting with various forms of content related to your niche.
  • Find out which post performs the best among the audience.
  • Understand what your audience is interested in by running story polls, asking them questions using questions sticker on stories to better comprehend their choices.
  • After finding what your audience is looking for, create content that adds value to your audience.
  • Your content must either entertain them or educate them only then they will stop, look and engage.
  • Post content that will be highly engaged with and shared with others.


2.Live Streaming Steals the Show

Posting high-quality content is an initial step for hooking the audience, however, to retain them and build trust, you must be more transparent to your audience, give them a sneak-peek into behind-the-scenes, your workplace, your routine, etc.


Most people try to increase their followers to just show off the big numbers on their page. But the genuine social media marketing aims to grow a community rather than just the number of followers. When you build trust within your community, they will stay by your side and invest their time and money in you.


The best way to build a personal connection with your social media audience is by going live. People love to watch than to read and this accounts for the integration of live streaming feature on most social media platforms.


When you collaborate with fellow creators on a social media live session, you boost your brand awareness as their followers or their community starts knowing you. This is the reason that over the past two years, we have seen people hosting frequent Instagram live sessions with other creators to grow their reach and follower base. Give up your hesitance to the camera and show up to your audience.


3.Leverage the Latest Features of Social Media

Every social media platform keeps upgrading its space with the latest features to keep the audience entertained. And are you aware of the fact that whenever a new feature gets released on any social media platform, the algorithm of the platform keeps promoting that to everyone?


For example, if you consider the advent of Instagram Reels, soon after Reels got introduced, Instagram has been ardently promoting this feature and motivating the audience to try it. It is also seen that the reach on Instagram is better for Reels than the normal posts. Hence it is vital to try your hands on the latest features of every social media application.


4.Ace-up the Game With Audio Content

One thing that has been common with most social media apps in recent months is the introduction of audio spaces on their platform. It all began with the success of the Clubhouse app – a social audio platform. Witnessing its quick success, other companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have all started to launch their own audio spaces.


It’s not only you but most people who hesitate to face the camera and are more comfortable with the audio content. Additionally, audio content has been fascinating people over the years, as seen with the popularity of podcasts. Voice content renders a more seamless experience and engages the audience without any disturbance. Engage regularly with your audience via these audio rooms to know them better and create more relatable content.


5.Social Commerce will become a Mainstream Shopping Channel

Have you seen the shopping icon on most of the top social media applications these days? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – one by one, everyone is getting on the bandwagon to integrate social commerce on its platform. These social media apps do not want their users to move out of the platform and hence integrating shopping channel into their space. It is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to grow their sales.


Normally, when you promote your product on social media and if the audience is interested in buying it, they must navigate to your store link in the bio. But people usually don’t prefer to navigate outside the platform. With a direct shopping feature on social media applications, you can not only market but sell your products directly from the app, thereby boosting your sales. Thus on-board your products on these social media platforms for direct sale.


Every social media platform has a different algorithm, but the underlying motive of all is to increase their user base while also boosting their active user count. Hence if you can interest and engage a social media audience, you can boost your branding and business growth. If you are looking to ace up your social media marketing strategy, connect with Entitledarts. We have been helping businesses and brands with Designing, Branding and Marketing solutions to boost their business revenue.


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