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by admin - 15 Sep 2021

Have you digitalized your business yet? The wave of digitalization had already hit the market a few years ago, however, it accelerated in these couple of years due to the pandemic and lockdowns. Consumers shifted from offline to online shopping, and the e-commerce industry witnessed a boom. Though most businesses are moving towards digitalization, considering a mobile app for business is not taken seriously. People believe that mobile apps are for retail businesses, and their business is not something that requires a mobile app as a website would do for them. However, they fail to realize that having a mobile app makes your business available to consumers 24*7 and enhances your relationship with them. There are many more benefits of having a mobile app for your business that are discussed in detail below. 


1.Increased consumer interaction 

2.Track consumer journey 

3.Enhanced consumer experience 

4.Personalized communication 

5.Upsell your products/services 

6.Lucrative marketing channel 

7.Reward the consumers 

8.Increased brand awareness 



You might attract leads from various sources like social media or by ranking higher on search results or email marketing campaigns, but if you do not offer a good customer experience, the leads will not convert. The major difference between a lead and a conversion is created by the quality of interaction between the consumer and the business. With in-app live chat, customers have instant communication, report their issues, get queries answered, which all together drive increased sales and conversions.  



Mobile applications help you track your consumer journey conveniently. For example, when people are logged in in the app, you can find out how far they are from placing an order or what product/service is in demand or retarget the abandoned carts. Businesses run with consumer insights and consumer feedbacks, and via a mobile app, you can take leverage both of these. Insights give you a picture of how relevant your efforts are and help you channelize your efforts in the right direction that yields better results.  



Mobile apps lead to increased consumer interaction, and increased interaction means a better consumer experience. Navigating a mobile app is rather easier than navigating a website as mobile apps are quite handy. Logging into an app with personal details makes a consumer feel safe navigating an app and keeping his details secure.  



While your website would remain the same for every visitor, you can customize your mobile app to deliver personalized experiences to every user who logs in. Personalization lures consumers to give in, after all, assume you open an app and find a personalized offer on something that you were planning to buy in future, you would instantly buy it for the offer. Thus personalization could directly impact sales. 


When you track the consumer journey and find that a consumer has left a product in their cart for long without buying it, you can offer them a personalized special discount or an alternative offer that motivates them to check out the items in the cart.  



After tracking consumer preferences, provide suggestions and personalized recommendations related to products they view, like, add to cart or purchase which leads to upselling of your products/services. Upselling works great on mobile apps because of a higher degree of personalization possible in this landscape.   



Mobile applications help you market your products/services in a better way at reduced costs. One of the most beneficial features of mobile apps is push notifications. Push notifications have a higher click-through rate than emails, as these are instantaneous communication between a business and a consumer. Emails fall into spam folders or go unnoticed by people, and many never care to check their mails owing to busy schedules, however, push notifications do not go unnoticed to that extent. 


While push notifications could increase your conversion rate, it is essential to keep the messages simple and spam-free, otherwise, people will not hesitate to turn off the notifications.   



Along with offering personalized offers and discounts, you can run loyalty programs for increased customer retention. Offer loyalty points for every purchase a consumer makes and then help them redeem these points for exclusive deals and offers. Most businesses use loyalty programs these days to motivate their customers to stay back instead of moving out to the competitors. Loyalty programs work great when integrated into the mobile application that tracks consumer’s journey, update their loyalty points and automatically provide them loyalty benefits. 



Ranking on app stores could be easier if you adopt the best app store optimization techniques. A higher ranking means greater brand awareness that, in turn, brings higher leads. Also, having a mobile app for your business can give you a competitive edge over your competitors who do not have one for their business.  


Having a mobile app for your business is not an added expense but an investment towards increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates, better consumer experience and higher consumer retention. If you are looking forward to having a mobile application for your business, reach out to Entitledarts, as we provide the best mobile/web app development services along with the right business solutions. 


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