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by admin - 28 May 2021

Animations, videos and graphics are the most engaging medium to drive the audience’s attention, create brand awareness and communicate the brand messages in a convenient approach. For instance, while scrolling through your social media feed, if you come across a creative animation or an intriguing piece of graphic, you stop over there, view the content and then move to the official page of that brand and check out their works and services. Thus the brand enticed you with creative animation, created a curiosity in you, because of which you landed on their page and became aware of the brand. It’s just a quick overview of how motion graphics can boost your branding, and a detailed guide is available below.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics give a movement or animation to an otherwise static graphic design. It sets shapes, text and graphics in motion and hence the term motion graphics. If the bars in a graph move up and down to indicate inflation and deflation, it is a type of motion graphics. Animation is an umbrella term, while Motion graphics are a part of animations.

Difference Between Motion Graphics And Animations?

Motion graphics animate or move simple text and shapes while animation adds a story, music and characters to the video. Animations use storytelling technique and convey stories, whereas motion graphics are used to convey individual points or introduce products. Animations make the character establish an emotional connection with the audience and hence are used for delivering brand narratives.


  1. 1. Drive User’s Attention

    It’s natural for human eyes to be attracted to visually appealing designs. Try to leverage this human trait and design custom graphics of high quality that look excellent. Try designing unique graphics because stock photos are common ones, and people would have already seen them plenty of times on the Internet.


  3. 2. Animated Ads Generate Traffic & Leads

    You might be creating amazing content that is informational or entertaining, but all your efforts are in vain unless people come to your content. When people don’t come to your content, you have to take your creativity to them. How is that done?
    Digital advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing. Try to put out animated videos or simple motion graphics videos as advertisements on social media. Normal ads are skipped and ignored by people. But when they find a video or an engaging animation, they stop, look, click and explore. And hurray! You generate a lead.
    Still don’t believe? Even if you look at the stats, it is said that nearly 46% of customers have revealed that they purchased after viewing a video from the brand on social media. Thus videos influence people to move further through the funnel.


  5. 3. Stand Out of the Crowd

    Whatever business you deal in, you will have umpteen competitors in the market. Your products might be the same, but if your marketing and branding are unique, you can stand out from the crowd. What’s the best way to pull the attention of the audience? Visuals!
    As stated in the example above, when you deploy creative motion graphic videos in your marketing strategy, and if people get fascinated, they recognize your brand uniquely from the crowd. This gives you an upper hand over the competitors.


  7. 4. Steers Your Brand Identity into People’s Minds Forever

    There are a few TV advertisements that you don’t forget even after years nor do you forget that brand. An emotional connection gets attached to the brand. Similarly, when you are fascinated by a brand’s creative visual video, you will remember that brand for a long. Vodafone’s ZooZoo ads are still alive in most of our memories because of the creativity and animations. That’s the impact of motion graphics on the audience’s minds.


  9. 5. Better Engagement

    We say that videos grab the audience’s attention, but that attention could be retained only for a few minutes. Unless and until the video is extremely impressive and engaging enough, people will shift to something else. These days people are more interested in a shorter and crisper form of entertainment, as witnessed by the shorter video features available on most social media platforms. Make short but impactful videos that are watched till the end with a clear call-to-action at the end.

Motion graphics are thus an effective medium to establish brand awareness and brand identity among the audience. So what are you waiting for? Connect with us on to tap on the potential of motion graphics as EntitledArts is one of the top design agencies in Hyderabad, India.


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