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by admin - 9 Apr 2021

Launching a website or blog on the Internet is just a half-done task while the real struggle begins only then. Have you heard about SEO? It is the technique to make your website visible to a larger group of audience. When more and more audience views your content, your leads will increase. With increased leads, you can convert them into sales. But this becomes possible only when your site ranks higher on SERP or when the domain authority of your website is high. One factor that influences your domain authority is link building. While good links boost your domain score, poor links can negatively affect it. Thus link building is so crucial that it can either make or break your SEO plan and website performance.


Creating content, designing graphics, managing the CMS, doing SEO, performing link building, analyzing the analytics, email marketing and many more. What will you do? If you try doing everything single-handedly, there are chances that you compromise on the efficiency of each task which will consequently bring results lower than your expectations. Why don’t you outsource a few tasks?


Outsourcing link building can save you time and also bring you better results. Let’s find out more about link building and how to outsource link building.


Link building is an integral part of SEO to drive organic traffic to your website. It is the process of acquiring hyperlinks linking to your website or the content on your website. While reading a review of a book, you would have seen a link in the article to buy the book online. This is known as linking to a website. When you get people to link to your website, it is known as link building. This involves extensive research and proves to be a time-consuming process. Getting credible high-quality links is possible when you put out great content.

There are two types of links: Internal links and backlinks

  1. An internal link is when you link from one of the pages on your website to another page on the same website.

  3. A backlink is when you receive an external link from another website linking to your website/blog.


Search engines make use of links to assess the quality of a website. If you receive links from trusted websites, search engines contemplate that your website is a trusted one too. With the help of links, they decide how well a page should rank in their results. A link is like a vote to your webpage. Quality and quantity both matter in terms of backlinks.


When link building is such an efficient process to boost your search rankings, you must hand over the job of link building to the professionals. So let’s find out how to outsource link building.


Outsourcing is handing over a particular department of work to an external organization that possesses expertise in it. When you outsource certain tasks, your time gets saved so that you can focus on the core competence of your organization.


Here are a few points on why you should outsource link-building tasks for your brand.

  1. Saves Your Time

    As you know, link building is a time-consuming process. You have to find out the potential websites that can link to your site/content and then approach them with a mail. Also, find out the backlinks of your competitors and try approaching them. Not only this, but there are many more backend technical processes to be done to improve your link building. All this requires hours and days of work and if you spend all your time on this when will you concentrate on your core works? Moreover, link building is not a one-time task, you have to be consistent with it for better results. Thus by outsourcing your time gets freed to focus on other departments.


  3. Saves Your Money

    You hire a few professionals for your organization to market your brand. Now, if those professionals spend all their time and efforts only on link-building what about the other tasks? Not only is their time wasted, but also your money gets wasted. But when you outsource link building, your money is saved.
    Also, in-house hiring of different professionals for every task would cost you more than the overall fees of the outsourcing agency. Tools and software for link building are also expensive but lending out these tasks to another organization saves you from these additional costs.


  5. Frees Resources to Focus on Core Competence

    If you completely get involved in link building, when will you focus on the core competence of your organization? Remember your core competence is what is your forte and the biggest requirement of your company. Thus when you outsource link building, your time and resources are set free to help you focus on the core competence.


  7. Expand Your Services & Scale Your Growth

    When you get enough time and resources to work on the core competence of your organization, you can go ahead and expand the services in your portfolio while scaling the growth of your company.


  9. When You Don’t Get Viable Results

    Though you’re not a professional digital marketer, still you would have tried a few tutorials and executed link building for your website. Sometimes it may work, but if you feel your strategies have not brought good results, you must go for another agency whom you can outsource this task for better results.


  11. Brings Better Results

    When you outsource link building, you would do it to a company that has expertise in that field. When experts perform link building, you will definitely get better results compared to the work done by a non-expert. They have a knack for the strategies to improve the incoming links to your website. And they will bring you good links that boost your domain authority rather than fetching links from spammy sources.


  13. Boost Your Traffic

    Outsourced company will try to bring you links from credible websites that can boost your traffic. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, they will try to approach successful curator blogs/websites that list out your city’s best fashion bloggers and when their visitors find a link to your website, they will visit your website boosting your traffic. These visitors can also become your customers in future.

Link building is therefore a necessity to boost your search rankings and generate increased leads and sales. If you are an individual, a startup or an organization and looking for a trusted company to outsource your link-building, connect with us on


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