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by admin - 16 Jul 2021

Social media is the gateway that drives brand awareness, acts as a lead magnet and boosts your sales. It is one of the best places to drive increased organic traffic to your business and boost your search rankings. But the social media is highly saturated, and for boosting your visibility to the maximum of your target audience, your content must get viral. Any form of content ranging from a kid’s dance to a brand’s marketing campaign to a relatable tweet, anything can go viral overnight, making social media a mysterious place. The only rule to content virality on social media so far is leveraging the interest of the audience. It’s a little tough to get your social media content to go viral, but following the below-mentioned steps, you can drive millions of eyeballs to drop on your content.   



Though you put your heart and soul to create brilliant content, it does not get the expected reach and engagement. It might be because you crafted it from your perspective rather than comprehending the audience’s perspective. The audience loves high-quality content that is fascinatingly crafted without compromising on quality. For instance, if you are using images or videos, higher quality visuals attract the audience and retain their attention for a long.  

Secondly, always optimize your content tailoring to the concerned social media platforms. Different forms of content work better on different social networking sites. For example, Reels work great on Instagram these days, Idea pins have become a coveted spot on Pinterest, etc. Repurpose your content into various forms that align with the visibility of the platform that you post it on. 



Social media audiences love to consume short-form content that provides information/entertainment within a few seconds. If you can impress them with the initial sight of the post, they’ll interact with your content otherwise, just scroll through the feed. Whether it’s a video, carousel or a single-image post, the initial visual should be attractive enough to make people stop, look and interact with the content. Impressive graphic designs boost the reach of your business and get better engagement on social media.  


Stunning visuals are one of the best ways to get increased eyeballs rolling over your content. Catchy captions and copies of the graphics are yet another way to grab attention. Combine both of these to make your content travel the extra mile.  


In the course of hooking the audience, do not use clickbait titles or such negative practices that can, in turn, have a poor impact on your long-term reach. You would remember the various clickbait titles you came across on YouTube. Once or twice you might have clicked through it out of curiosity to find nothing relevant in the video. You might have either disliked the video, reported it or never returned to the channel any time in future. The same is the experience with the audience and hence avoid clickbait content that affects your long-term growth on social media. 



If your content appeals to the audience’s emotions and relate to their experiences and pain points, you have probably struck the right chord. If you look at the viral posts on social media, a maximum of them is something that the audience resonates with. Entertaining, informative and problem-solving content are the ones that generate good traction. It’s essential to remember that your content must be appealing to the human audience on social media and not the algorithm. Social media algorithm intends to keep the maximum of its users active on the platform, and hence if you can drive the audience to your content and generate engagement, the algorithm will promote your content too. 



Content that is highly saved and shared is considered a successful one because the higher it gets shared, the higher its chances for getting viral. And again, a post will be shared maximum if it adds value to the people. Platforms like Instagram promote highly shared posts on the explore page that brings increased traffic from people out of your community. It not only makes your content go viral but also boosts your brand awareness. 



When you collaborate with influencers having a better engagement rate, your brand visibility increases, and if the content is impressive enough to cater to the interest of audiences, it will get viral. However, even celebrities with million followers sometimes could not bring better results because of poor engagement to follower ratio. Only when a post has higher engagement, its reach will go beyond your follower community. 



These days you can find that every other week new social media trends erupt. These trends mostly erupt out of nowhere but take the whole Internet by storm. You would probably remember the Binod trend that went enormously viral a few months back. Try to leverage the latest social media trends by aligning your brand value and messaging to the trending post concept. Millennials and Gen Zs are highly devoted to moment marketing and social media trends, hence leverage these to render your content viral all over the Internet. 


If you are aware of the interests of your target audience and cater content accordingly, the reach of your social media page will keep increasing to the extent of your content going viral. Momentous virality is good, but it would be better if the brand visibility sustains even after the days of getting viral. Consistency of content that is curated according to your audience’s interest will always bring lucrative results. If you wish to gain an upper hand in the social media game, connect with Entitledarts, the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India. We help brands boost their visibility, reach, leads and conversions with top-notch social media marketing solutions.   


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